Coffee - Fresh Brewed for 25 Cents

Coffee - Fresh Brewed for 25 Cents


I love coffee. I get up early in the morning, like at 4:30am, and rustle around in the kitchen of my Greenbrae home for all the tools and ingredients of a great cup – actually pot – of coffee. The first, middling, and last sips are world-defining, and add a boon of sheer joy to my day.

I watch movies and occasionally come across movie scenes set in coffee shops from the fabulous 50’s where coffee was fresh-brewed and cost “two bits” as the slang went for a quarter.

So, fresh brewed was the catch phrase for decades – even back to the 1800’s. Cowboys riding up a herd of a few thousand cows from Texas to Kansas made fresh brewed coffee every day and evening. Brewed right over the campfire. Many a great piece of cowboy poetry has extolled coffee on the trail. When the power goes out I’ve had to brew up cowboy coffee on occasion. It’s dern good.

But over the past few years, “fresh roasted” has become the buzzword (brewword?) for coffee lovers. Fresh roasted means the whole beans are being cooked in the Now, as in the present minute. You smell it. You hear it. Then, the beans are ground just like you prefer. Then, voila, fresh roasted, fresh brewed coffee. Doesn’t get better than that.

Now, at Caiim, we can roast your coffee beans to order within hours of your order, seal it in a package (very well capturing all those chunky coffee smells and flavor tones) and ship it to you fast. You have to try it to believe it. And the cost is about 25 cents a cup. No, not really, but not that far off.