A Sublime Coffee – Unleaded and Unabashed

A Sublime Coffee – Unleaded and Unabashed

Decaf coffee is a bit of the coffee world’s Pip—the pivotal orphan from Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations novel. While coffee in its natural state is chock full of the nerve system and neurochemical stimulant caffeine, it’s orphaned cousin has very little of it. And coffee has always had two properties that catalyzed it into historic usage as medicine, body and mind booster, and sipping beverage: its signature taste and its flickering-neon buzz. In the US, 83% of us drink coffee, and around the world coffee is the third most consumed beverage (behind tea and beer—yes, beer). And of the US’s 83%, 15.9% are drinkers of coffee that is denatured of its caffeine: decaf.

There are 150 million daily coffee drinkers in the US, and that calculates out at 2.4 million drinkers of decaf, imbibing the “unleaded” orphan every day.

So how do you gauge the quality of decaf? Well…the same way you evaluate regular coffee. In fact, the discovery of decaf coffee was a serendipitous accident, not a purposeful chemists’ experiment. In 1903 a German merchant’s freight of coffee was soaked in sea water and had been naturally denatured of its caffeine yet still retained the coffee’s taste when roasted and brewed. He then went on to invent the first basic decaffeinated method. So, decaf coffee should taste, in theory, as good as natural coffee.

What happens when you combine great decaf beans with fresh roasting, as is done at Caiim?

Well, you get a transcendent, superior decaf coffee. First of all, the Caiim decaf blend of beans is very special, a work of art from very discerning coffee mixologists. The beans are then roasted to a scientific certainty of flavor release, then packaged immediately and shipped to the decaf drinker. It arrives in a few days, and there you have it, fresh roasted decaf.

Upon opening the Caiim decaf package, the aroma is a stimulating experience unto itself, an immediate presence of rich coffee in the air that will probably bring back all kinds of memories, and tickle pleasure zones. The aroma is part of the experience, so it is to be savored as the coffee is brewed up.

Sipping Caiim decaf, fresh brewed from fresh roasted beans—it’s unabashedly sublime.